Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Electric motors and cables made in Germany
EMGR has received a major series order for the cargo bike drive "ERZMO" for 2019             EMGR has received a major series order for the cargo bike drive "ERZMO" for 2019            
New IEC and PMSM motors
14.03.2019 •
EMGR had extended its product portfolio according the high number of requests and interest. Following types are from now on available in addition to already existent and known motor sizes:
  • IEC- motors with aluminium modules at motor frame size 100
  • PMSM – "permanent magnet synchronous motors" in the frame size 80 for industry
  • PMSM – "permanent magnet synchronous motors" in the frame size 71 for industry power networks in addition to mobil systems for 48 V battery systems.
Please contact us for discussion of your specification and applications at your known contact partner or by mail at


EMGR is a leading provider of customized drives and drive components for industrial applications such as pumps, conveyor belts, compressors, gate drives, among others.
Also, customer specific cable harness is offered inside the product portfolio to build drive and application systems.

Group facilities for production and development are in Grünhain-Beierfeld /Germany and Gabrovo/ Bulgaria (to follow up also at customer news 2019).

EMGR has its strength in joint development projects with customers to design and adapt the engines to the applications.

EMGR develops and manufactures in an extraordinary vertical integration of technology steps such as aluminum die-casting, metal stamping, CNC machining, winding, cable production, plastic injection.

EMGR developed new efficient drive concepts for the electric mobility sector under the brand name:
ERZMO®MS 1 (Electronically Regulated Zero-emission MOtor) -Mobil System. Actual the market is asking for professional last mile transport distribution with light vehicles as the ERZMO drive is unique designed for.

Mitgliedsurkunde VEMAS 2019
EMGR Mitglied im Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen VEMASinnovativ
11.03.2019 •

Der Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen VEMASinnovativ dient als technologie- und produktoffene Plattform zum Technologietransfer, zum Wissens- und Erfahrungsaustausch, zur Markterweiterung sowie zur Erschließung von Synergien zur Weiterentwicklung der Produktion in der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette.

Auch im Kompetenzatlas 2019 ist EMGR – wie bereits in den Vorjahren – mit einem Firmenprofil vertreten. Die aktuelle Ausgabe umfasst 307 Einträge aus den Bereichen Produktion, produktionsnahe Dienstleistung sowie Forschung und Entwicklung.
EMGR News for the Business Year 2019
04.01.2019 •
We are proud to announce the facilitation of Plant II in Gabrovo, Bulgaria (EMGR EAD) as one important fact in the ongoing development of EMGR as specialized supplier of leading edge electric motors technology. This plant will act as Competence Center within the EMGR Group by increasing development and production capacities on site. Product wise, EMGR EAD focuses on high volume motor applications dedicated to Door- and Crane drives as well as Drum motors.

Besides and to enhance the Quality of our serviced offered, EMGR will activate two new E-Mail addresses:

Service@emgr.de for all requests on spare parts (B2B only) and calls for electric motors already out of the product range respectively
Quality@emgr.de for inquiries and notes concerning the quality of our products. In the most unlikely event of a customer complaint or claim please use this address only. You`re welcome to place your EMGR sales contact in CC.

Please note the following Changes in our General Terms and Conditions with 1st of January 2019.

(EMGR will honor already agreed contracts for periods in business year 2019)

Due to the increased and still increasing third party logistic and transportation cost we are forced to change all future shipments to INCO Term EXW (Ex Works). As matter of course, EMGR will gladly arrange / support to arrange the shipment to your preferred destination.


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