Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties


The ribbed motor housing is made of aluminium extrusion. Two extrusion housing shapes per size allow the mains connection on top as well as at the right or left side.


A squirrel cage made of either pure aluminium or aluminium alloy is die cast to the rotor laminations.

Shaft / Shaft-end

material: free cutting steel (1.0718)
option: 1.4104
Fit k6, feather and centre hole see table "additional indications"


The single phase motors of the DAS,DCS, EBS, ECS, EAS and EDS series are fitted with radial groove ball bearings sealed on both sides, Series 62, as standard. The working life of the grease is typically:
  • approx. 10,000 hours of operation for 2 pole motors
  • approx. 20,000 hours of operation for 4 pole motors however, a maximum of 4 years.

End-shields / feet


Fan cover

size 56 to 100:plastics
size 112:sheet metal



Terminal box

size 56 to 100:plastics
size 112:Aluminium-alloy

Mains connection

The motor is connected to the mains according to standard by Pg-thread in the terminal box. The earthing conductor is also connected in the terminal box. Cable entry by Pg-thread normally-left, see table.

size cable gland cable terminal 1 ~ cable terminal 3 ~
mains capacitor
56 - 71 M20 M16 Europe-terminal strip TYP 6E (4 mm²) terminal base with bolt M4
80 - 112 M20K M16 terminal base with bolt M4 terminal base with bolt M4


standard:housing, unpainted; mounted parts RAL 9005
at request:complete varnishing RAL 7031, RAL 6011 and other RAL-colours


standard:rating plate as a sticker 51 x 34 mm, as shown
at request:special rating plate with own logo and so on...


Protection Standard

The user must select the protection standard in such way that harmful effects caused by foreign particles and water, as well as contact of moving or live parts can be safely prevented. The motors can be supplied in protection standard IP 54 and IP 55. These protection standards cover the following:

Protection Standard Protection against contact Protection against foreign particles Protection against water
IP 54 Contact with tools and such like
with a thickness of > 1mm
solid foreign particles
dia > 1mm
splashing water from all directions
IP 55 Contact with tools and such like
with a thickness of > 1mm
solid foreign particles
dia > 1mm
jetting water from all directions

Connection bearings - size

Size D-side (at the driving end) N-side
566201-2Z / C36201-2Z / C3
636202-2Z / C36202-2Z / C3
716204-2Z / C36204-2Z / C3
806205-2Z / C36205-2Z / C3
906205-2Z / C36205-2Z / C3
1006206-2Z / C36205-2Z / C3
1126206-2Z / C36205-2Z / C3

Permissible shaft load

Load factors:

  • bearing lifetime Lh > = 104 h
  • max. shaft deflection f < 0,1 x air gap
  • max. bearing inclination < 0,001
  • protection against endurance crack SD = 1,5

An axial load FA=0,3 x FR is simultaneously allowed with maximum radial force FR.

(2-pole) FR [N]340380540630700740820
(4-pole) FR [N]4204706807607808201110

Additional indications

size key DIN 6885 capped
56A 3 x 3 x 14M3 M20
63A 4 x 4 x 16M4 M20
71A 5 x 5 x 16M5 M20
80A 6 x 6 x 25M6 M20K
90A 8 x 7 x 32M8 M20K
100A 8 x 7 x 40M10 M20K
112A 8 x 7 x 40M10 M20K

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