Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Special types
Special design and options
A mains connection
terminal box - positions
standard: on top - mains connection left or right
alternatively: left or right - mains connection at the bottom or on top (please state when ordering)
1 terminal box made of aluminium
2 connection at block terminal
3 connection by means of free cables or strands
4 mounted plug-switch combination (as shown)
B position of foot
aluminium feet unscrewable and steplessly shiftable in longitudinal direction
C stator winding
5 varying rated voltages
6 rating for 60 Hz
7 varying types of duty
8 additional thermal winding protection
D rotor
9 special shaft end(s)
10 special material
11 second shaft end
E fan cover
12 sheet metal fan cover
13 without covering and fan (closed N-side)
F other designs
14 solid bearing
15 special ball bearings
16 shaft gasket or V-ring
17 special end shields (die casting or ingot mould)
18 mechanical/electromechanical stopping brake (EMG or foreign brake) from size 71
19 name plate made of aluminium

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