Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Electric motors and cables made in Germany
Aluminium die castings from our factory, for industry and automotive application
Our Aluminium die cast section has a long tradition and started with the production of aluminium cage rotors and enclosure parts. alu die castingsBy and by the foundry was extended and produces in the meantime more than 50 % for external customers. Today EMG is an accredited automotive subsupplier and partner for sophisticated small and middle series.

Aluminium die castings from EMG represent first class workmanship, quality and customer satisfaction for which there are three criteria:

1.    Most modern production engineering and product quality

The use of modern production technology guarantees consistent quality:

alu die castings

-   gas-heated smelting ovens
-   die casting machines with a locking pressure of 2.500 kN to 4.000 kN
-   maximum shot weight 5.300 g
-   maximum charge surface of 1.000 cm²

The use of high performance equipment for the subsequent machining of cast components completes our quality assurance; the facilities we offer are as follows:

-   wet vibration grinding system,
-   belt grinding machines
-   a CNC machining center.

2.    On time delivery and reasonable solutions

Apart from technical know-how, low production costs, our innovate solution ideas for individual requirements and our on time delivery are essential for the customer satisfaction.

3.    Excellent material

alu die castings

The required high quality is assured by the use of selected raw materials:

Primary Aluminium:GD-AlSi10Mgalloy 239D
Primary Aluminium:GD-AlSi9Cu3alloy 226
Rotor Aluminium:99,7.

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